FS: Seimitsu PS-14-K buttons in various colors


Got a whole bunch of Seimitsu PS-14-K buttons which I will likely not get around to using. These are all brand new of the discontinued “skeleton style” snap-in variety, which some people prefer over the screw-ins due to their ability to accommodate Sanwa microswitches. My original plan was to use these in Xbox (green/red/blue/yellow) and PlayStation (violet/orange/pink/green) style sticks, hence why I have so many colors but only a few of each. Current stock is as follows:

6x Seimitsu PS-14-K green
3x Seimitsu PS-14-K red
3x Seimitsu PS-14-K blue
3x Seimitsu PS-14-K yellow
3x Seimitsu PS-14-K pink
3x Seimitsu PS-14-K violet
3x Seimitsu PS-14-K orange

As expected the clear/white buttons were in highest demand. Since those are now all gone, I guess it is time to cut prices significantly on the rest… So how about this: $25 USD for the first set of six buttons, then $10 USD for each additional set. Or perhaps $50 USD for all remaining buttons.

Worldwide shipping by standard airmail (insurance/tracking is extra) and PayPal’s fees included. Note that as of this price cut Sanwa microswitches are not included any more (and not offered at additional cost either as I have run out of them). Also have one (possibly two) AxisAdapters without screw terminals which will probably never be used, I’ll throw it in for free with any other purchase should you want it.


gonna send PM.


did you get my PM?


Bump. Some inquires but only one ending with a sale. Price lowered, get them while they last…


Got pics?


Well, they look like pretty much all other PS-14-K out there…



PM Sent!


did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:


payment sent for 6ea white.


Mayham, whats left?


Hey, sorry for the late reply. All clear/white buttons have been sold, everything else remains. Prices have been cut significantly to reflect this…


Received a nice little package today…

Here are the Six PS-14-k White/Clear that I ordered sitting next to one my lonely Violet PS-14 K that I ordered from Lizard Lick a while ago

Thanks Mayhem! Feedback Left! PM Sent!