FS: Seimitsu PS-14-K, Korean sticks & buttons, PS3 PCB

Prices include worldwide shipping by standard airmail while optional insurance/tracking is extra at buyer’s expense, if you choose to go without I cannot issue any refund in the unlikely event that disaster strikes. Payments through PayPal, no additional fees.


red sold to shoelace1976, violet sold to tra`


Sega Virtua Stick High Grade PCB $20 USD pending payment from R2J
Microsoft Xbox 360 wired PCB sold to noontide
Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 PCB sold to Dixie Normus
Pelican PS2 to PS3 adapter sold to ConKhi
Hori PS2 joystick cable sold to SqrL_MaSTeR


Remaining Korean parts sold to AK

Please please please hold that Pelican for me!!! :wonder:

How long are we talking here, just a few days or more? Need to know before committing to anything, but yeah I can probably put it on hold for a while…


Bah I was just about to let you know that actually you don’t have to worry about it. I’m a little shorter on dough than I realized. So unless things in trade sell for me by today/tomorrow then I’ll just hope no one buys it until then, lol.

Thanks though!


Sorry to clutter the thread, but apparently I can’t PM till I Have 15 Posts. Mayhem, could you post me what I need to provide so I can order one of your xbox 360 pcb’s?

Sorry, I only have the one 360 PCB which for now is on hold for member vizard. If he backs out you’re next in line.

Bump for lowered prices…

payment sent!

is the 360 pcb still available?

Yeah, still available. KenjiXSamurai hasn’t answered my PM so I guess he is no longer interested.

How easy is it to fit that 360 PCB into a Virtua Stick High Grade?

Btw, I live in The Netherlands, could it be that shipping would be a bit lower for me?

pm sent about the 360 PCB. Really really want it.

Sorry for the multiple pm’s. I’m talking about it with my dad who’s trying to help me build an arcade stick.

edit: and yes I’ll definitely buy it.

money sent for a Korean joystick and the 360 PCB with insurance and tracking money. Hope it comes soon and a pleasure doing business Mayhem.

Packaged up and ready to go, will dispatch tomorrow and send you the tracking number. Thanks!

I got my stuff yesterday Mayhem. Thanks again!

Also, could you tell me what are the four black microswitches attached to the PCB used for? I haven’t really taken out the PCB from the bag yet since my case isn’t coming until next week at the latest.

any issues with the vshg pcb? if not, consider it sold

Those are the microswitches sold by Sanwa for use with a JLF joystick without 5-pin connector PCB. If you want to use this Xbox 360 pad with a Sanwa JLF you need them, otherwise you don’t and can just put them away. Good to hear the package arrived safely!