FS: Selling 2 customs Sticks PS3/XBOX 360

Hi selling 2 customs sticks made by Duke Raoul.

One is for ps3 with 6 layout buttons, 2 buttons on side right and 3 24mm sanwa on left with nausb port on the middle. Has nice cool Akuma Artwork on it painted black and red. Has jlf stick with 8 seimitsu buttons screw ins wit mc chutlu board. Price 160 Shipped.

Second is Fully Sanwa parts for xbox 360 with neat wiring custom job with Blanka Artwork.

Price 160 shipped
Both brand new never played with and has no usb cable.


Do you have any measurements or know how much the Akuma stick weighs? I’m kind of interested in it but it’s hard to gauge how large it is or how much it weighs from the pictures.

I’m subscribing to this thread… If nobody buys that PS3 stick, it’s mine once my bills are paid up.

I don’t know the weight or size. Will let u know by this week…

does it have the rj45 hack