FS: Selling Old School Pink Meshball/Namco stick

Hi im selling Madcatz PS3 TE pcb for 35 shipped.hold

Also selling old school pink meshball for 30 shipped.

Selling 1 Namco stick w/o box in good shape 65 shipped each


Here are the pics

Also selling Namco stick w/o box in good shape 65 shipped: Sold to fonzee
Also selling brand new sanwa jlf, white 8 darkhai sanwa buttons: SOLD to my canadian friend.
Also selling TE case only for 80 pickup only and local too. Case Sold to local
Selling 1 Namco stick w/o box: traded

Updated post.

w/o what box?

the original box that it came in, I assume

Meus…I want it!

Noooooo I want it!!

What’s the pink meshball look like? Not interested in buying, just curious o_o. What makes it old school? Sorry, just very very curious.

The new school is a lighter pink with a white/clear mesh pattern and a close match to the buttons. The old school is a darker pink with a grey mesh design on it.

fIt has black stuff on it, looks way better than the ones now. I’d still like pics though.

(Sorry Giga I assume you have one already.) But by all means Giga was first…

Added more items and updated post

Please put me in line for the namco…

yo meus, does the TE come with the metal plate?

EDIT - Do I just need buttons and joystick for it to work?

On hold…

yes it does come with top metal plate. Im selling the case only. All u need is pcb and joystick with buttons.

80 for just the case seems pretty expensive, is it because of shipping?

yes shipping alone is 25 dollars. hell to ship within usa to is 15 to 20 for ur guys

SOLD: namco stick.

You’ve got mail. :slight_smile:

updated post and price drop on namco

Updated post about item been sold and price drop on namco stick