FS: Set of 6 Obsc-RG buttons 3 yellow/ 3 blue

Selling Set of 6 Clear Obsc-RG buttons new with little scratches.

3 yellows and 3 blues.

Price 150 Shipped.

pics will be upload later.



Yeah they are super rare out production for 6 years many people swear by them and they RG’s so you can pass them down to your grand kids and they will still be like brand new …sorry for the trolling serg

Oh and serg I got to catch a glimpse of your stick again HAHA some flashing eyes hmm that’s a lot stuff in that little namco



First set sold. Got another set and last one for sale.

Hey meus, I sent you a PM the other day. Did you see it?

Bump this still for sale and lower price to 150 shipped.

pmed both guys who wanted this buttons.

Did you get my pm about these buttons?

yes just pmed u about them

Thbirdman u need to clear ur inbox. Thanks

Offer still stands if the other guy does not get back to you.

inbox cleared

thanks for the payment and added another set of obsc-RG buttons.