FS: sets of sanwa buttons, OBS-MX, balltops, MadCatz TE2 stock parts


6 red clear silent sanwa buttons (OBSFS-30) - $20 shipped Pic

6 green plunger/black rim sanwa buttons (OBSF-30) - $15 shipped (pic coming soon)

7 PAS OBS-MX black plungers w/ Cherry MX blue switches - SOLD

black sanwa webbed balltop - $10 shipped Pic

sanwa and seimitsu balltops - $2 add-on to any of the above (pic coming soon)

MadCatz TE2 LED PCB - $20 shipped (pic coming soon)

MadCatz TE2 button wiring harness - $8 shipped (pic coming soon)


Gamerfingers are no longer available.

If anyone would like to try Paradise Arcade Shop’s OBS-MX Rev C, I have 7 of them that I tried recently and not sure if I’m gonna keep. Shoot me an offer.


updated OP with new items to sell. pics coming soon.


sorry guys, pics are coming asap. OBS-MX sold.


mods pls close. i will make a new post w/ pics and more items for sale when i have time. thanks.