FS: Sexy Black Stick (the best price i could do)

This baby is for sale, I have the PS1 PCB wired & ready to go but my buttons are on the way so i have not yet put those in. Here are the specs:

Size is :
Top Panel 13" Wide x 10.5" Long x .75" Thick
Box 9.5" Long x 12" Wide x 3" High
9 Buttons Total (6 action buttons, 1 Start button & 2 side buttons)
Happ Competition Joystick (Black)
.125" Black Acrylic Top over (.75" MDF)
MDF Case (.5" MDF)
Hardboard Base (.125" Board)
Hinged Top (for easy access to the control board)

I have an order to make for buttons so the person who buys this can choose what color the buttons & joystick are. Happ buttons & joystick only please.


that how high you selling it i should just throw my stick on that see if someone jump on that.

But anyway…what are the extra side buttons for?

I’m not sure i inderstand what you said, but i put the extra buttons on the side so i wouldn’t clutter the top with buttons. In MAME you need a button for player start & 1 for insert coin. I threw the extra button there for simmetry & also for playing pinball games.

Ah pinball…

What i meant was i was goin to sell one of my personal stick. Wondering if I can get away with a $150 price tag. Consdering it has a p360…i probably could

You can try, if it looks as good as mine then it’s definitely worth $150 :wgrin:.

When i started making sticks my goal was to make great quality affordable sticks for everybody, i must have lost track of that after i built it, so I have decided to drop the price to $110+shipping for this stick, ($150 was a bit much for this) I’ve also updated the specs, the stick is actually alot smaller than it looks. I think i will just put the happ parts in unless someone takes this soon and asks for a specific color scheme. Any criticism will be welcomed, i need to know what I’m doing wrong or write & what i can do better because i want to make better sticks.


I really like the looks of this. Could you calculate shipping?
The color scheme I was thinking was three white buttons on top, three black on the bottom, and a white on each side.