FS: SF anniversary stick PSX, MAS stick 360, Custom xbox 360 stick, Wii Hori

Edit: 10-13-09

I have an SF anniversary stick for sale. Its was modded for xbox but it was changed back to PSX. Modded with happ parts and old P360. The bottom has no screws but it holds tight without a problem. The wiring isnt anything fancy, just a typical messy wiring. The stick does not come with OG box. I also have been gettnig many PMs just for the box only, but I’d like to sell it as a whole, sorry guys.

Asking $95.67 shipped

Now I have a MAS stick for sale. It’s modded for the xbox 360 and it has happ parts and a old p360. The stick does not come with a bottom and on the left side of the case is chipped if you have noticed. The wiring is not fancy but it gets the job done. The guide button is not wired and whenever i play, i just left up the stick to press the guide button.

Asking $105.89 shipped SOLD: [COLOR=“White”] [/COLOR]

I have a custom xbox 360 stick. I had the stick for awhile now but I never play with it. The wiring isn’t fancy, just enough to get the job done. The art work is cable and dead pool if u can see. The stick has start and guide button, no select. There is a couple of paint chips and marks on the case. All Sanwa parts, it does not come with the bubble top, sorry

Asking $55.76 shipped

I have a Wii Hori I want to sell. Its pretty much brand new because I never play with it. I bought it off srk awhile back but it never came to use.

Asking $40.32 shipped SOLD

I accept paypal and money orders. Please PM for any further questions :party:


If it weren’t for the fact that I just commited to purchasing one off of ebay yesterday, I’d be all over this. If that deal falls through, I’ll PM you later this week if its still up for grabs.

alright just let me know =]

I’m very much interested in this, but I would also like to see pics before I jump on anything.

yeah no problem, pics will be up asap

I’m interested in the P360 but want to know if you could post pics or something because without a Wico logo I’m not sure exactly how I’d know it really was a Wico.

Who told you it was a Wico?

Yeah ill post pics whenever i get the stick from my friend. I did some research awhile ago and someone told me on some thread. If you know any info about it, please let me know because I’m not so sure either.

I have no idea how to tell the difference myself other than the labeling. But I’m sure someone else will be able to tell you.

i’ve been getting PM’s if i would just sell the p360 alone and i would, but i want the whole stick gone =[

prince bump on custom stick, 100 shipped in U.S

bump. added pics and new stick

PM’d for the Agetec.

agetec is on hold for Chrisz0rs

is it sanded down??

It looks like the happ control was sanded out…

no its not, i have 2 of the same joysticks. The person who i got the stick from said he got it back in 2000ish from san jose state.

Dang. If Chrisz0r decides not to purchase, can I claim dibs next for the agetec?

I know you’ve got someone looking at just the p360, I’m looking at just the case. If it comes to you parting out that stick, I’d be interested in just the case, no pcb or buttons.

sorry Sahykoh, the agetec has already been sold to Chriz0rs, thanks for the dibs though =p

kitsunisan: Yeah, a lot of people been just been wanting the joystick itself. Right now im in process of selling the whole stick with another srk member, but if things flake out, I’ll PM you about the case and i guess ill have to sell the joystick separate.

Got the stick Bobby, thanks a lot, the thing is in like-new condition!

bump. The thread is updated with new sticks