FS - SFAC and T5 Sticks

Cleaning out stuff I don’t use, and here is what I have to offer. I will get pics of stuff up later. All prices include shipping and are negotiable.

Happ-modded SFAC

  • Mint condition
  • Competition stick and buttons
  • Shorter rubber feet for lower profile
  • PCB works with USB adapters (some SFAC PCBs don’t)
  • Will include Happ hard spring if you want to change it
  • Includes box, manual, and 2 extra sets of stick art

Looking for $120 shipped. Pics here:

Sanwa-modded T5 stick

  • Mint condition
  • Sanwa stick and buttons
  • Has SFAC rubber feet for higher profile
  • Will include octagonal gate if you want to change it
  • Includes original box

Looking for $100 shipped. Pics here:

Stock T5 Stick

  • Brand new, but has minor damage to art and casing
  • All stock parts
  • Includes original box, special Tekken game case, Tekken 3 and Tekken 5 games

Looking for $60 shipped. Pics here:

Possibly willing to trade for a good XBox360 stick. PM me if interested in anything. Once again prices are negotiable. Thanks for looking :tup:

EDIT - PayPal only. Will ship internationally if you pay the difference in shipping. In the current prices for sticks, I have alloted $20 of the total for shipping costs, just so you get an idea. Here is my freedback thread:



Will try to get them up later on tonight. If not then tomorrow.

PM sent

any pics?

One REAL adapter pending payment.

I should have pics up later tonight. But just in case anyone is wondering for now…

Happ SFAC has black stick, standard Capcom buttons colors, so red, green, blue.

Sanwa T5 has dark grey balltop, and matching black/dark grey buttons, and yellow 24mm buttons.

im looking on getting rid this.

what platform is that stick dh ?

pm sent for second real adapter.

One REAL has been sold, the other still pending payment. If I don’t receive payment from that person by tomorrow night it will go to the next person that PMed me.

Sorry haven’t had time to put up pics. Will try to do it tonight.

Both REAL adapters have been sold. Still no pics yet sorry. Spent all of last night in the ER :shake:

Bump. Pics have been added.

Bump. Prices lowered.

Bump. Final price drop. If anything is not sold by tomorrow night I will post it on EBay.