I have a sfac stick, have manual and box. The bottom part of the stick came off, it unglued, its not broken or nothing. I can post some pics later.

how much?

per forum rules you must post price

other wise the mods get to keep the product

jk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i guess 80+ shipping? let me know guys^^

wow…you really are trying to make $$…haha… no thanks. i bought two refurbs for 35 each with free shipping a while back on ebay. just looking for one for a friend right now around the same price. i wouldnt pay 80 bucks for it even if it came with comp stick and buttons.

He’s actually smart. God bless capitalism. I’m pretty sure you won’t find them for that price anymore. FYI, I did buy 3 of them for the $35 price.

Goodluck with the sell man. $80 is avg price. Someone buy it off this guy and mod it.

well i suppose i can let it go for 80 shipped. i’m not sure how much it costs to ship these. I’ve seen them on eBay and most of the time the shipping is 20-25 bucks, so by me giving it out for 80shipped is saving everyone 20-25 bucks lol

NOTE: this stick is custom, no mods made so far.


lazeeya: that was awhile back. We did that as a promo. The sticks are EASILY worth $80 without shipping now on eBay.

I have one to sell but I’m shipping from Canada. If anyone is interested, PM me.

yea i have seen them on ebay for about 100+shipping, maybe i should just put it up for same in there lol. btw i’m shipping from texas^^

i meant this stick is stock lol

i guess i should of bought like 10 when they were 35 bucks with free shipping. tough luck.

Yep, that’s why we took em down and held on to some of them eventually. It was just a matter of time before the demand would go up.