FS: Shin Megami Tensei + Tales of Destiny 2

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 (PS2) Collector’s Edition w/ Art Book - Near Mint -$55 Shipped




Tales of Destiny 2 (PS1) - Case is scuffed / Discs in Excellent Shape - $65 Shipped




Why is your price for the original Persona 3 so high? I hope you know there is a remake of Persona 3 called Persona 3: FES, with everything included in the original game, plus alot of extras like 30 additional hours of game play, cut scenes, new difficulty modes, etc. that just came out not to long ago and the price of that game is only 29.99 on at ebgames.com. You may want to reconsider your price especially considering the fact that you only have the original. Here’s a link to the updated game.


original releases/collector’s editions sell for more.

my prices are based on current eBay trends, not gamestop’s.

Ah I understand now. That’s Tales of Destiny II copy is right on the money. I am debating buying it myself actually.

Oh shit… a real copy of Tales of Eternia! (only the best Tales RPG ever made)…

I may want that…