FS: SimpleCase Custom Arcade Stick Enclosures - Free USA Shipping

**** 4/14/12 Update ****
Ordering and other info below.
I’ll be adding some new options pretty soon in addition to what’s already offered.
These include:
• Mini SimpleCases
• TE Sized SimpleCases
• MAS Style SimpleCases (maybe)
• Chamfer edge detail

I’m also working on a paypal ordering page so you can order directly through paypal.

Here’s the lowdown:

I build two basic models; Compact and Wide Body.
Compact SimpleCases are 11.75" Long x 9" Wide x 2.25" Tall.
Wide Body SimpleCases are 18" Long x 9" Wide x 2.25" Tall.

I can also do slim versions of the Compact and Wide Body SimpleCases. These are the same as the above dimensions, but are only 2" Tall. These cases only come with a single bottom plexi panel.

I can make them out of the woods pictured below:

SimpleCases are available either unfinished, in which the buyer does the final sanding and application of clear coats or paint, or clear coated, where the case has 2 coats of a sealer, followed by 4 coats of a durable waterborne clear coat applied and is ready for parts.

There are 6 layouts commonly used; Vewlix 6 and 8 button, Astro City 6 or 8 button, or Hitbox 6 or 8 button. I can also do 6 or 8 button Namco Noir layouts. These are similar, but not identical to the Astro City layouts.
When ordering, just let me know which you’d prefer.

The standard rear layout is three recessed 24mm holes and a universal neutrik port that accepts either the Neutrik NAUSB usb connector or the Neutrik NE8FDP rj45 connector, or a port that is only suitable for the NAUSB connector. This option is makes installation of the NAUSB easier, as with the universal port there are small screws and nuts that have to be installed, which can prove difficult. Just let me know which port you’d prefer when ordering.

All SimpleCases include:
• Joystick Mounting Hardware
• Neutrik NAUSB mounting screws
• Rubber Feet
• Threaded Inserts installed for the bottom feet
• A plexi top panel and two plexi bottom panels for sandwiching your artwork (a single plexi bottom panel for slim cases)

Compact SimpleCase Unfinished: $75 Shipped
Compact SimpleCase Clear Coated: $115 Shipped
Wide Body SimpleCase Unfinished: $125 Shipped
Wide Body SimpleCase Clear Coated or Painted: $165 Shipped
I can also build cases in non-standard sizes. The cost of these will vary, but generally be $20-50 more than the above prices. Of course this depends on the options specified.

Art Prints:
All art prints are printed on a premium, bright white, archive quality card stock.
Please note that I only print art, not cut.
Compact SimpleCase Top Art Print: $6
Compact SimpleCase Top and Bottom Art Prints: $10
Wide Body SimpleCase Top Art Print: $12
Wide Body SimpleCase Top and Bottom Art Prints: $20

Art Templates:
[Compact Art Template](‘http://www.simplecase.org/compact template.psd’)
[Wide Body Art Template](‘http://www.simplecase.org/wide body template.psd’)

Here’s some pics of each model:

Compact Tiger Maple, Clear Coated, Astro 6 Layout

Compact Walnut, Unfinished, Hitbox 8 Layout

Wide Body Cherry, Unfinished, Astro 6 Layout

Wide Body Tiger Maple, Clear Coated, Astro 6 Layout

Payments and Build Time:
Paypal is the preferred payment method. When sending your payment, please include your SRK handle and a brief description of the case you ordered. This makes it easier for me to find your payment when it’s time to ship your SimpleCase. Payment is due at the time of the order.

Once payment is received, work on the case will begin. Build time can be anywhere from 2-6 weeks, sometimes longer, though I work hard to try to avoid that. Most cases are shipped pretty quick.

If you have any questions, or would like to order a SimpleCase, either PM me or email me.

Budget SimpleCases are now available. :smiley:
I decided to bring the budget cases back and change things around a bit to be able to provide a low cost case that can be built pretty fast.
One of the main reasons I decided to bring them back, was because of what crunchie did with one of them. Beautiful. :slight_smile:

There’s been some changes though, to keep cost down and so I can get them out quicker.

Here’s the basic details:
• 11 3/4" Long x 9" Wide x 2 1/4" tall without the rubber feet, 2 1/2" tall with the rubber feet.
• The empty case weighs 2lbs 7 ozs.
• The standard rear layout is 3 24mm recessed holes and a hole for a neutrik usb connector. The neutrik hole isn’t recessed.For cases with 6 button layouts, two additional 24mm recessed holes can be drilled on the right side if desired st no extra charge.
• The control panel is 1/4" now. I did this so I wouldn’t have to rout the underside, which adds to the build time and cost.
• Only a single 1/8" plexi bottom panel is included instead of two. Again, to keep the overall cost low. Note that the top and bottom panels are still fully supported all the way around with a recess; not just by corner blocks.
• The cases are glued together, then reinforced with 1 1/2" 18 gauge brad nails. Before painting, it’s recommended the (very small) nail holes be filled with wood filler or spackle.
• Layouts available are: Vewlix 6 or 8 button, Astro City 6 or 8 button or Noir 6 or 8 button (Noir is similar to Astro City but slightly different). I can’t do hitbox layouts; the combined thickness of the control panel and plexi would be too thick for the button nuts to get a decent grip on. Sanwa buttons can work if you turn the nuts upside down, but seimitsu buttons won’t catch.
• Only black control panel screws are included.
• The rubber feet are attached with coarse threaded screws instead of machine screws into threaded inserts. Installing the threaded inserts would increase the price and build time. I use maple as corner blocks on edge, not end, so the screws will hold just fine.
• Parts: The budget cases are drilled with a 40x85mm pattern, which works with the sanwa JLF, JLW, Seimitsu LS32, LS33, LS40, LS55 and LS56 and I think LS58. I know for sure the JLF mounts at proper height, but the others will probably be a bit lower. The LS58 might be near proper height too.
• I’ll put up an art template as soon as I get one finished.
Prices: $50 Shipped to the United States, $80 shipped international
6 Button Astro City with two additional 24mm side holes:

8 Button Vewlix:

Closeup of Neutrik NAUSB hole:

Thanks for looking! :china:

Reserved. :china:

Reserved. :china:

Hey, nice cases.

I’m seeing about buying a case from foe hammer, but if i don’t , I’ll probably buy one of yours.:tup:

Sounds good. They’re ready to go. :china:

dang, the sexiest feature is the neutrik mounting. how did u make that?

Router (favorite power tool) and templates.


Good to see you back in the game Nite.

Thanks. In another day or so I have a slanted style I’ll be adding too.

I have one I’m in the process of painting now too. Figures I’ll have my stick done in a few days and PSN is down. :confused:

got mine in the mail and it’s perfect. All i need to do is paint it and it’ll be good to go.

If anyone is on the fence about these cases just go for it. Nitewalker is an old arcade stick pro and won’t let you down. I have a stick from him I got in 2006 that is still working perfectly to this day.

This seller is incredible guys. He made me a MK Stick that was incredibly solid. Feels WAY more sturdy than a TE or HRAP. FANTASTIC cases!!!

Thanks guys!
I appreciate the kind words.

In another week or so I should have a few slanted cases available. Also I’ll have a few pre-primed and ready for paint too.

i pm’ed you yesterday.

Answering now.

These cases still available? I seen in another thread they may not be.

Yep, still available.
Plenty in stock and ready to ship.

PM me if you’re interested.

Hey, can you made up a control panel for 8 buttons and put 1 extra in the back so 2 buttons could be on the sides of the Neutrik conector?

Don’t mind if I have to pay a little more.

Yep, I can do that.
PM me and we’ll work out the details. Let me know what layout and how exactly you want the rear buttons laid out.

any pictures of the slanted cases?

Here’s a few pics of the prototype. The final design is a bit different; the corners will have a heavier roundover and the control panel will be slightly bigger and have rounded corners. I’m going to expirment with some real woods too; I have my eyes on some walnut and tiger maple.

I love the way the new SRK handles posting pics.