FS: SIXAXIS PCBs w/ battery included


FS: Sixaxis PCB and Battery Pack.
Ready to use with your AXISdapter (not included). :woot:
Why bust apart your perfectly good Sixaxis, when this is what you need?

-1- Available.
Updated 2.23.2010
Check back repeatedly if none available. Or PM me.

You will recieve (1) Sixaxis PCB and (1) battery pack. This is all you need to connect to your AXISdapter.
USB cable, Membrane part of the PCB (not needed), Axisdapter are not included

20.00 each shipped.

Sent via USPS with tracking number/ delivery confirmation.**
Canada residents please PM me for total with shipping.

NOTE: PCBs sold by me are intended solely for the use with the AXISdapter. Any attempted soldering, hacking, additional modifications (attaching LEDs, rapid fire etc), or use to repair broken Sixaxis or Dualshock 3 controllers is NOT guaranteed and will be done at your own risk and expense.

Tested with the Axisdapter - All PCBs have been thoroughly and repeatedly tested for functionality before being approved for sale. And I test it again BEFORE packing and shipping.
The following test were done (wired and wireless).

  1. Every button: R1,R2, Square, Triangle, X, O, L1, L2,start/select, PS HOME.
  2. Every joystick direction.
  3. Sync to a 60GB PS3, Controller OFF wireless, Controller ON wireless
  4. PS3 power up wireless (sync must be done beforehand of course)
  5. PS3 power down wireless.
  6. Battery charging status, charged to at least 2 bars to play for at least 1 hour wirelessly** (overall battery duration undetermined)**
  7. **L3 R3 not tested, and have been removed on most pcbs that I have. They are NOT NEEDED for AXISDAPTER USE. **
    After above test are done. Testing in actual gameplay both wired and wirelessly.

USB cable, Membrane part of the PCB (not needed), and Axisdapter are not included

-Return Policy-
Your purchase is always guaranteed, just send it back and you will get a replacement or a refund. (Return shipping is non-refundable and must have delivery confirmation. Any evidence of soldering, tampering or switching PCBs will void guarantee. ) Abuse of this policy will not be tolerated.

Pictures-pcbs may vary in appearance slightly. All PCBs compatible for use with Axisdapters.

Attached to the SHINJN AXISdapter:


(0 available) Brand New HRAP3 PCB + Cable
(0 available) Tekken 5 PCB’s + Cable



yesh you are the man dog.


biddly boo put me down for 1


nice, makes going wireless even easier. If my bro wasnt giving me 3 of them for free i wouldve picked one up. GL on your sale bro.


These will go in all my T5 mods from now on.

Thanks man.


aggrastat, i pm’d you a few mins ago, put me down for one of these.


PM’ed for one


PM’ed !


I need one as well. Let me a know a paypal address and I’ll send payment immediately.


Price Drop. Cheaper the more you buy.
Return policy details added.
Additional stock added.
More on the available soon.
PM me if interested.


put me down for 1… let me know how to pay.


Pm’d back


payment sent.


Hey aggrastat, can you put me down for 1?
Pls let me know the payment details



Pm sent


Just got mine today. You rock boss!!!


give me. One of them

I need one of these, could you pm me your info. Thanks


All PCB orders shipped and tracking info PM’d. Qty updated.
Thanks all


added qty. added t5 pcbs.


I will take 2 sixaxis pcb if they are still available. I would of PM you but I am new and the system wont let me until I have 5 post count. Well that would be 4 now.