FS: (So Cal) unopened xbox 360 elite/ 360 mas stick

Got this as an end of the school year present and I’m trying to get rid of it. Don’t really play games that aren’t named mvc2.

Went to gamestop the other day, they go for 450, so i’d like somewhere around 375. Willing to work with the person. Pick up = huge bonus and i’ll take off from the price. I’m willing to ship, but if you pick up would be more convenient.

Don’t have pics cuz my camera is broken, but its brand new

The mas stick I have is decent. Bought it from a previous owner. Stick is wierd though (it has 10 buttons), aside from that it works fine. A lot better than most sticks i’ve played on, for sure. Has ps2/neo geo connections. Trying to sell this bitch fast. 40-60 is the price range. 60 is ideal. Pick ups only.

Added: Tekken 5 stick; close to new. Works 10/10. Easy.
Asking price: $50


Shit, I would have picked up that MAS stick, till I read that little, “Pick Up Only”.

ill buy it from you

yo I was mia for a lil bit, but i’m ready to sell the stick, whoever wants it first pick up during the week at regency or maybe shoo’s thing on sat. LMK

Asking Price: 70

I realized the stick was p360 and in great condition, and 40-60 would be lowballing myself.

Also added: tekken japanese stick. Pretty much brand new. I bought it in an attempt to switch to japanese stick marvel, just to realize mas is better.

Asking price: 50

jap stick marvel?


Any pictures? Semi-interested :wonder:

Will have some tagged pics by this weekend…

Also, I don’t want to do this, but I might be able to take the tekken/mas stick to evo if its not sold before then.

You’re fucking crazy, Potter.

Pick it up at regency ey hmmmm really helps if ya had some pics

hey I will go to shoos tourney, take the stick and i’ll buy it from you. stick works good? how about buttons? does it work with ps2? I need one stick asap, so if you are still selling it I’ll buy it from you.


buttons work great…

stick works fine

its ps2/neo geo

I’ll take it to shoo’s tourney, you can test/purchase.


you gonna be there???

If not stick is up for grabs at this tourney

pics coming soon of tekken stick

70 dollars is still price

get at me

what up ds: see u at evo? sorry to hear about your boy Cotto, its okay though. Mexico all day :):slight_smile:

dude flaked on the stick; didn’t show up

still trying to get rid of the mas/tekken sticks

also xbox 360 elite is up for grabs

lmk if you’re interested. Would like to sell in so cal.

can meet at regency and sell.

Nah, I didn’t go to EVO this year. And fuck Mexico. Cotto will be back and punching twice as hard. :arazz:

yo potts, i’ll take everything, hit me up man!

got a new phone number, i’ll pm you it, lmk was hood

sounds good, i left you a comment on myspace, just get back at me with your new number and i’ll pick it up whenevz

Do you know if the elite has the newer 65nm chip? My bro may want one but I don’t want an old school model. :sweat: