FS: *Sold* Briefcase Custom Multiconsole Dual Mod Arcade Stick


Multiconsole Breifcase stick. $ to US. Upgraded with snap catches to secure the lid. Opening stick is easy. Multiple cables for different systems.

Multi-console compatible with RJ-45 mod.

-Xbox 360 compatible with switch turned one way via USB cable. Also compatible with PC in this mode

When switch is set to the Cthulhu board:
-Compatible with Playstation 3 and PC with USB cord
-Playstation 1 and 2 compatible with Playstation cord
-Gamecube compatible with Gamecube cord. Works great with Wii Virtual Console games.

Sanwa JLF joystick
6 Sanwa OSBN 30 (set for default Street Fighter IV layout
3 Seimitsu clear center 24mm buttons (Back/Select, Guide/PS, Start)
2 shindens for the side buttons (L1,L2)

Older picture of stick with cords.

Link to album with older pictures of stick, the top pic in this thread is the most up to date picture.


Also if you want I can take out the Joystick and Buttons -$50. Will leave the shindens.


jw does it come with any cords for diffrent systems?


yes pictured in the second older picture is the usb for ps3 xbox360 PC, ps 1/2, and Gamecube. All included.


Bump for $20 price drop.


i might have to pick this one up. Is that a headset port on the front of the stick?


are those running shoes included?


Does the 180 price reflect the 20 dollar price cut? Does this work for the Wii also (tatsunoku vs Capcom)? Does this have the light mod? Can all those RJ45 wires fit inside the case when you open it? The top stick looks different because it has buttons on the side. What are those buttons for? PM me!


i’ve seen this stick and its fucking sick. SICK! it’s really beautifully made, and the wiring is perfect. just sayin…


Yes works with a newer xbox 360 headset. Original headset won’t fit due to flush fitting with controller.

Sure but you will pay $10 extra for shipping. Size 11. Comes with spiders and what some would call a robust odor.

Dropped $20 from $200.

TvC? Not sure, ask Toodles. I’ve heard that TvC works with GC controllers, but am not sure and have no idea what the American release will support.

No light mod. Not at this price.

Wires don’t fit inside the case, not all of them. Just one. maybe two but it is harder than trying to get the cable back in a TE.

The side buttons are for L1/LB and L2/LT, JIC you need them for menus or what ever… The pic with out buttons is an older picture, top picture is the newest.





I’m snatching this badboy up!!!


Keep getting error with email from paypal. It says that I need to enter a valid address. What gives??? Have you ever heard of this error?


Whew! Done. Payment sent.


he mad cool and ships quick lefty let me know how it plays id like to know:)


Will do! Can’t wait to smash on it.


haha cool i brought some parts off him a few weeks ago got it in like 3 days ships fast and great communication