FS: Some PS2 fighting games, 360 Games. PS3 Game


I have some games I cant really afford to sell individually, so I’m selling some stuff in bundles.

One left:

Second Bundle Xbox 360: $25
Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion - Xbox 360
Dead or Alive 4 - Xbox 360

Why must you tempt me again :(, ps got my pm?, how much just for Melty?

what the pmed

ps3 sixaxis controller $45… #%"! you

45 for whole bundle, not just the sixaxis.

Haha, no, Opips! it comes with a game and possibly an SD memory card.

:rofl:, I can picturing you, saying that using your hands.

oh i see. oops…I’ve Unreal 3 game on PS3. I like that a keyboard and mouse is very easy for me.

final cut is my hero.

I adjusted some of the prices.

I dropped all the prices again. Just one last bump. Shipping day will be saturday the 4th. Thanks