FS: some random stuff and more added later


have some stuff for sale:

*playstation 1 orig console. $25 shipped.

*broken fat playstation 2. powers on but i don’t see anything and doesn’t play games. $20 shipped.

*x-men legends xbox. $5 shipping.

*last blade 2 in 1. orig black label imported. $30 shipped.

*yu-gi-oh worldwide edition. GBA. $98shipped.

*6 black happ concave buttons $7.5 shipped.

*tenjho tenge american version mangas #1-4 $25 shipped.

that’s all for now.

paypal only. pm, aim, or post here.


PM sent


changed my mind :slight_smile:

PM for Garou




genuine sanwa there? Whats the usage on it?


still pretty new.