FS: Sony XBR 960 HDTV (best CRT ever made) Namco PS1 stick, custom american happ stick, jlf, various


Looking to clear some space around home, dont really play games as much as before, so im downsizing. I am located in the Los Angeles area and would much prefer a local sale, but pm me zip for a shipping price.
Sony KD-34XBR960 34" HDTV and stand - $150

Here is what is considered one of the best TV’s ever made. Works great and has amazing picture quality. Will include stand if wanted. The thing is big, so please be prepared. If you have done research on this unit, you should know what this is. Has zero lag and looks like a PC monitor. Probably the best non crt rgb monitor solution for retro gaming.

Namco PS1 Stick - $Sold
Normal wear, everything works as should. Square button is kind of sticky, works 60% of the time.

Custom stick made by member zugg zugg - $50
Digital ps1 pcb, all happ parts, very comfortable and my favorite american stick.

Sanwa JLF - $20
Never used, black ball top

PS2 Namco Guncon - $10

Pair of xbox 360 wireless broken controllers for parts - $30
Bought from member here a while ago. Bought them to use the PCB’s for a wireless stick setup, never got to the project. User said everything was working fine, but I never tested since I never opened them up.

Shining Force - $30
Sega Genesis, includes box and manual

DJ Boy- $10
Sega Genesis, includes box and manual









Ill take that jlf shipped to 47302


pm’d inquiry about the Namco stick.


PM sent.


Pms replied. Make offers.


Namco sold.


Pms replied


Guys that’s a really, really nice TV. Steal at that price. If I was local I’d buy it.


Thanks! Got an offer from someone local for somewhat of a lowball price. But I dont have room for this beast so I might accept.


Sent you a PM for the TV.


Pms replied


ey man have you send your tv Sony KD-34XBR960 34


please answer my question about your tv


Posted in 2012, dude. Dream on.