FS: Souji stick xbox/ps3 with backpack


This is going to be as is, and I will not reply to anyone low balling me:


Custom Bloodwood stick, hand sanded and oil varnished.
Ps360 pcb
FGWidget Led Mod
Hollow JLF shaft w/ Led(needs to be re-soldered due to breaking off during play)
Light on activation Seimitsu pushbuttons

This stick has maybe a few hours of use since I use my ps3 sf4 modded as my main stick.
I am going to be throwing in a nice Volcom backpack with it as it makes a great carrying bag.
I will post pictures up tomorrow of the stick and the bag. Again this is AS IS.
$325 shipped within the U.S.A. Paypal or certified check only.

I really really don’t like letting this go as this is my favorite and best custom I have ordered but I gotta do what I gotta do. Souji makes amazing sticks.


Oh my god is it me or did anyone else see the stick start moving at 1:16 that’s some…Criss Angel stuff

nice stick good luck with the sale