FS: Spare Stick Parts

A few spare parts to sell. Everything is brand new unless condition is noted.

Buyer pays shipping, which will be calculated once I receive your address. If shipping is miscalculated in any way, you will receive the overcharge back.

I accept paypal only. Please PM me if interested. Good Luck

Sanwa LB-35 Joystick Ball Top ($2.75 ea.)
1 x Black
1 x White

Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbuttons ($18 for the set)
6 x White
2 x Black/Grey

Sanwa JL-S9F Shaft (Slightly Scratched) $2

Hori HRAP 24mm Pushbutton $1.00 ea. ($1.75 for BOTH)
2 x Yellow

Street Fighter Anniversary Buttons (FAKE Happ Comps) $1.00 ea ($5 for ALL)
2 x Black
2 x White
2 x Blue

Street Fighter Anniversary Stick (Fake Happ Comp) ($5)
1 x Black

MadCatz Buttons and Stick from SE ($5 for ALL)
6 x Buttons $1.00 ea.

Bump for a price correction to the Ball tops…My apologies, I used a 3 where it should have been a 2.

Updating quantities.

Lowered some prices and updated Sold stuff

PM’d for the Dark Hai Balltop

Hey, sent the payment, PM wasn’t working for some reason.

I got it, will ship tomorrow, thanks


Updating quantities, a few things left still.

Last Ditch Effort to sell whats left!

Quantity Update

I’ll take that last bat-top shipped to 45140. What’s the damage?


Quantities Updated

Recieved my Sanwa Square Gate, nicely packaged and fast. Thanks much.

I lowered some prices on the last of it and removed all of the sold stuff. Thread should be dying off soon.

Bump, added new Sanwa Ball tops and Buttons

how much for the anniversary parts shipped to 3406 wild cherry lane, mississauga, ontario, l5n7n5?


Bulk price for the sanwa buttons