FS: Spiderman Finkle Stick


Finkle wide case
Powder coating done by Harley@likenewparts.com in red amd blue w/ starlight clearcoat over the blue
Seimitsu buttons
Jlf w/ ls32 spring, circular gate, pearl red 38mm balltop
MC-Ctulhu for multi-console goodness(neutrik booted cables for usb, gamecube,dc,ps2)
Arceyes and balltop led controlled by Fgwidget

$315 shipped




Herp a derp.


Seriously, for what many people feel is one of the premier stick builders (Finkle) its not that bad a price considering its got a MC Cthulhu and 360… booted RJ45 cables… powder coated and custom art (little bit of D3v love in there), and every god damn thing on the stick lights up ?

Its a fair price, might not sell right away, but the amount of parts, and time spent on it, its worth it in my opinion.


WTF?? If you don’t like the price, then move along…Bump for justice!:china:


did i say i didnt like the price?But most people wont pay that much attention to how much time was put into the stick,They will just come here and say "Oh a nice looking Modded stick scroll down WTF 500$ F-ck this im going to amazon.com


good luck on your sale. that case is amazing. just curious, any idea what Finkle would charge for a case similar to that, but a 6 button design?


Pretty awesome stick. Approximate lenght and weight? Possibility to change the art? Some pic of the bottom? Thanks.


The case is approx 16" wide and very heavy. Id say its gotta be 6-8#. The art can be changed but would require removing the buttons. Heres a pic of the bottom. Thw dimple you see is for the joystick. Due to how slim the case is it would scrape without it.


if i only had $500. Beautiful stick.


This is a seriously gorgeous stick. I wish I could afford it. Good luck with the sale.


Open to offers :wink:


Talk about beautiful. This case is just so reckless. Don’t think we’ll see another one like this on the market ever.

Good Luck with your sale. Lucky person whoever get their hands on this beauty.


Eh no feet too it ;[ coulda paid 5$ for a nice set from shadaloo


I have piles of aluminum feet :slight_smile:


Throw some on it for extra sexyness D:


Will you buy it if I do?


Trust me if i could afford 500$ for a stick, I wouldn’t be playing on a crappy stick. I just love the design.


This will look good under someones tree!!!




Oh god if I had the money I’d love to get this for my friend. He’d love it.

Free bump btw.