Fs: ssf2x gmc kit cps-2


Super Street Fighter 2 X Grand Master Challenge Kit.
Gonna let this whole thing go cheap**
Should sell fast! No trades please.

[]SSF2X B-board with new battery installed this year
]Brand New A-board Never used
[]Both sets of clips
]Original Manual
[*]Sales flyer

oh man ssooooooooooooooo tempted.

Jeez man how many of those do you have? :wink:

I’ll take it IF you can Please hold it till next week.

I bought 1 kit from Steve and it’s working like a champ

Ahh maan, I’m supposed to be saving. Going to think hard on this.

On Hold for Masturfader.

This is my last one… :frowning:

pm your paypal if he drops out.

please for the love of god.

I thought you would be the first one to get it.
So I did not tell you about it.

My guy masturfader did instead.

im going to murder masturfader

He is very close to you.
He is Washington.

We met last weekend at the GC’s tourney. Canucks cleaned us out.

You can kill me at NWM3. =]

I couldnt resist picking this up.

Hi steve. PP sent. Sorry for the delay. Hopefully sent in enough so you netted 250. Let me know if not and I’ll get the difference out to you.

Sold! Thanks!