Fs : ssfiv : ae pc

I have a Download Code for SSFIV : AE on the PC.

Selling it for 18$ Paypal. Open to offers.

Quick Question is this a Steam Download code? I noticed Amazon is also selling the PC hard copy for the same price via Daily deal. If it is a steam code I might buy it from you.

Yeah its the download code. Not sure if its used for steam, but Im pretty sure the game is downloaded and played online using games for windows live. Im not a big pc buff so im not 100% sure on that, all I know is the Code I have is for redeeming a full digital copy of SSFIV AE for PC :slight_smile: !

Edit: Ah I got all the info now. *Copied and pasted from A eventhubs article :stuck_out_tongue: *

~ You can punch in your redeem code here on Xbox.com, but you’ll need an active Windows Live account to sign into first. Getting an account going is free and fairly painless, if you don’t have one. Most people reading this probably already do, though.

Next you’ll need the Games for Windows Marketplace Client which is another free download, it’s about 20MB. Once you launch that and sign in, click on Download up at the top, and you should see SSF4 AE PC in the list of stuff you can get.

This is a 7.17 gigabyte install file. ~

Yeah since its not the steam version or a hard copy I think I’m just gonna wait. $20 is hard to pass it up but re-assessing my finances makes this a no go (just paid off $1,400 credit card bill) Good luck on selling it though.

That’s ok no worries. SSFIV AE code is up for grabs then!

Bump, price drop.

How much?

Price drop! 18$!