FS: Stainless Steel Dust Washers

Hey guys,

I have some 1.5" stainless dust washers for sale to replace the plastic fantasic stock ones.

The ones I have at present have a bore of 9.5mm and so are suitable for the Sanwa JLW/JLF or any stick with a shaft diamater of 9mm.


The washers are 1.5mm thick with two 1mm wide x 0.5mm deep grooves.

They are $5 each, air mail shipping to the US is $4 for up to three washers.

Here’s a photo of one installed on one of Byrdo’s sticks


PM sent


Thanks for your business Paik. :tup:

I also have some dustwashers suitable for use with the JLF-CD sleeve, same price $5 ea.


Would anyone be interested in a replacement stainless sleeve for the JLF/JLW too?


could you anodize these? they look great btw.

I am interested in stainless dust washers for Seimitsu LS32 sticks.

No, just ‘plain’ stainless steel im afraid.

Sure no problem, Ill shoot you a PM.

Darn, if I knew you could do JLF-CD style I would have bought those. Maybe I’ll buy more later. Franco is a great seller guys! Fast shipping too.


Now we need metal shaft covers and metal ball tops :tup:

Cheers Paik


Give me a shout if you do decide you want some JLF-CD covers, maybe you could sell yours on?

Timoe, shaft covers are available if you want them. I may just have a go at some stainless ball tops too


Any particular diameter you would be interested in?

I cant get anything at the moment but I would bet someone would want the 35mm standard size for an all metal set up. With a shaft cover that would look so tough.

I am so glad you are doing this again Franco.

Wait, I thought Shaftcovers, dustwashers and etc were all the same?

And how much would a stainless sleeve be?

Or better yet, how much for a pair of stainless steel pants!