FS: Starcraft II Poster

Selling a Starcraft II poster, has a ghost in the process of cloaking. Gonna take a picture of it within a day or so and I’ll edit in the picture of it… just gauging interest in this since I saw another for sale poster thread.

Oh, and 25 bucks is the price, paypal only. Might be limited edition of sorts since I got it at Blizzcon for winning the 10v10 Battleground tournament.

I’m interested pls put pics as soon as possible and the size of the poster pls

I assume it’s this same one that was sold for 15$ at blizzcon http://us.blizzard.com/blizzcon/events/store.xml?rhtml=y

Oh, you’re right. Haha, didn’t know they sold it at Blizzcon as well. They were giving those to people who won their casual tournaments.

Ah well. Still looks like it was only available for purchase at Blizzcon and you can’t get it anymore? $25 is still a fair price.