FS: sticks, games, misc


No trades. PayPal Only. US mainland only, no exceptions.

More to come later.

Capcom Fighter Power Stick (Genesis) - Rare, even rarer white Sega version - $60 shipped, firm



Champion SNES stick, case only, original HAPP parts, no pcb - $40 shipped


Dreamcast games - selling as lot only - All complete, all US except for Capcom vs SNK and Vampire Chronicles - $150 shipped



PS2 games, all complete, NeoGeo Pad w/KOF '94, Battle Arena Toshinden 1 and 2 (both bad condition, but playable) - $125 shipped



Aha right after I buy some new buttons from a fella, good stuff here just waitin for ya to put up some prices :slight_smile:


Buy from zeetes folks! He’s a great guy and I can definitely vouch for him. :tup:

If you’re planning to part stuff out, I’m INSANELY interested in those OBS-30B screw in buttons man. I’ll await your prices and whatnot first though.


thanks, but i really hate mailing crap. make me an offer for the lot ikagi, i owe you a few favors =p



Haha, don’t sweat it man. I won’t force you to break the lot or anything, but I myself can’t exactly put the funds towards it. :lol:

Still, wish you the best on this sale man. You still got the rarest of goods, lemme tell you! :tup:


Good stuff for sale especially the 2 sticks. GLWS!


thanks guys! make offers, i don’t bite.


Responded to the pm


replying now, thanks!


parts sold!


zune on hold


Great seller! Sent another pm.


thank you sir!

make offers people, i’m just looking to clean out space so my wife will [S]stfu[/S] be quiet.


Sent you (a couple, I kept whiffing the edit deadline) PMs.




PSP sold, saturn pads sold