FS: Sticks, Parts, Joystick Cases. Will be updated

Both items below have been sold. Please close thread.

Sticks, Parts, Joystick Cases. Will be updated.

I have a bunch of stuff I need to get rid of due to financial burdens and space limitations, so I thought I would come here first. I’ll be adding a few more things over the next few days. I can accept payment through paypal.


Byrdo custom stick, Happ Comp buttons and parts. (the good happ comps, not the newer, crappier stuff)

I had this stick for a good while, but rarely used it. There is one issue with the PCB that should be noted foremost, when I plug this into my PS2, it gets a constant reading of pressing right.
However, when I use it with my PS3 and a converter, it works fine, and it works just fine with my PC as well, with no misreadings of directional presses. I can’t fix it, and don’t want to mess it up trying. The builder offered to fix it for me for free, but for some reason I never took him up on it. It’s got a Dual Shock 1 PCB.

If you can or want to, the bottom opens up easily with a phillips screwdriver cleanly.

The stick is heavy, and there is an aluminum panel under the base of the stick for clearance. Only minor notches in the paint from wrapping the cord around the stick when on the go. This is a very nice, high quality stick from one of the best stick makers on SRK.

80 Bucks shipped, or best offer.


Lightweight empty happ case, was once a super nes controller with happ ultimate buttons and stick. I’m getting rid of this with the ultimate stick still intact. I put new switches in it and attached common ground wires to it, but otherwise it’s bare. Shown with buttons inside for example, buttons won’t be included. Needs new rubber feet. (missing one as it is). Also, you will need long screws or glue to secure the top and the bottom together. Case is very light in weight, so I’d suggest adding something heavy inside.

Ten Bucks plus Ten Shipping, or best offer.

More photos here:

May you please post interior pics of the Byrdo stick and would you be willing to change the artwork?

I don’t really have the ability to change the artwork, but I will post some additional pictures of the insides as soon as I get home tonight.

I posted pictures of the inside of the stick. More photos soon.

I may take that Byrdo stick. I need an american stick to practice on anyways. Give me the end of the day.

Never mind on purchasing.

Please note that both of these items have been sold. Thanks for looking.