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Thank you to all of those who bought stuff from me. I was able to clear out my tuition bill and then some. I’m going to sell off a few of the extras I’ve got laying around here.


(8) Seimitsu PS-14-G Buttons

These are a brand new set of (8) Seimitsu PS-14-G buttons. Some of them have scratches on the sides as I used them for test fitting but they are flawless on top and have never been installed.

$25 shipped. OBO


Daredevil Stick

Made by outlaw customs less than two months ago. All happ competition parts, black stick and buttons. The start/select button are Seimitsu as happ wouldn’t fit. Now some quick info on this one … the start buttons sticks sometimes. I’ve tried to fix it but after a few presses it gets stuck again. While taking the bottom panel off to fix the start button, I manage to tug the corner too hard and break it. Now to be very clear, this is simply the panel on the bottom of the stick where you access the buttons,pcb, etc. The rest of the stick is in great condition. I even have the panel so you can cut a new one, I just never got around to doing it myself. I’ll sell this one at a pretty good discount since you’ll probably have to replace the start button/bottom panel.


**$90 OBO **

And I stress the OBO part.



Pics will be posted later.

Good system, never had any problems with it, includes power, a/v cords, 1st party DC controller, VMU with MvC2 save on it

$40 OBO


Demitri Vampire Hunter Figure

Very good shape, no original box, just sat on a shelf for it’s life.

$20 OBO

Feel free to make offers on any of my stuff, prices are negotiable. Prices DO NOT include shipping. My feedback rating can be viewed in the trading feedback forum …


omg, my bank account is running low already, and you come out with this?

man, my ability to pay my tuition bill is going to suffer. eh, i’ll think about giving you an offer for the spidey stick.

question, though: can the stick be unscrewed for easier shipping?

Trust me man, I know how you feel. Financial aid aside, it’s still a fortune to go to school.

As for your question, I can take the bat top off, sure. Or did you mean remove the stick altogether so it ships in a flat box?

^i meant shipping in a flat box. easier shipping + storage that way. if not, it’s cool.

i gotta make sure i have enough money on my card, lol. so i’ll post up an offer later tonight after i get out of class (DAMN SUMMER CLASSES).

pm sent.

Alright sorry for the delay, had to work on a project last night.

Adding Xbox games to the first post as well as other stuff and some pricing. Pics this morning when I get off of work. (2PM EST).

yea im not sure how big the painted pale sticks are but for the TMO sticks they fit right into the flaterate shipping boxes w/o the stick shaft and balltop on.

I’ll post pics soon. Also added converters.

Pm sent

You couldn’t have posted this when I had money, could you had? GODDAMN, i want the spiderman stick, dreamcast, and innovation controller… $190… Shit, that’s a LOT more than i can afford right now… :cries:

cvs2 for xbox right?

if yes ill make an offer

pm sent

lol, mixah, everyone posts stuff when we don’t have money.

i got the cash for the sticks

any word on the status of the sticks?

If you have the money, snap up the Outlaw sticks. They do exceptional work, and getting one for that cheap is a real steal. My Outlaw stick is by far the best I’ve ever played on. I’d buy one of those myself but I have plenty of sticks.

PM replied to.

My bad Mix! Maybe next time tuition almost completely wipes out my bank account!

Yes, all games listed are for Xbox. Original with original cases.

PM replied to.

I agree. Outlaw does really good work. Given the build time some people are getting now with a lot of the builders … this isn’t a bad deal.


Updated 1st post with pics of the SFAC and Demitri Figurine.

-second edit

Added price for SFAC and changed the status of the Silver Surfer Stick to pending. Might be adding a couple more sticks in the coming days, stay tuned.

pm sent mr. tiger

got ya pm sent again

sent an update