FS: Stock SFAC Stick

In need of some cash so I’m selling off a stick that I have no big use for. It is a stock SFAC stick, nothing done to it at all. In perfect condition and plays like the day it was built. Works perfect on both Xbox and PS2, no ports having problems at all. This is probably the easiest stick there is to mod aside from the HRAP, you can stick HAPP parts in here in half an hour and have an amazing stick.

Stick has been sold to WiggleSuper


I live in Florida and will ship via UPS or FedEx and I pack the box like you wouldn’t believe to keep this thing protected. The truck driver could drag one of my packages down the road behind the truck and it would be fine. I accept payment via PayPal. Thanks for looking.

I also have a PDA I am looking to sell. It is a Dell Axim X5 and in pretty good shape. It has a CF slot to add cards to it and an SD slot for extra memory and I will include a 128mb memory card in there. I’ll do a hard reset of the system to make it fully ready to be set up by whoever gets it. It also comes with a USB cable that it uses to sync with your computer and to charge, and it comes with a leather holder for the PDA to keep it protected.

PDA has been sold to Sp00ky

That PDA sounds great right about now. Willing to trade for it?

Not really looking for any trades on anything. I need some cash as some unexpected bills hit me off guard.

Okay, I understand. Right now I have about a $100 not really to my name, and won’t be untill after the 22nd. That’s why I was asking.


Price lowered to $70 shipped.

hey how much would you charge if you Mod for full happ comp on there ?

I’m not planning on doing the mod to sell this, I want it to go stock. Plus there is a HApp modded stick up for sale already. With a little bit of time and $25 dollars in parts you can do it very easily yourself.

well thats the thing i just moved in to my dorm and i dont have the stuff i need to fix it up to full happ

There’s not much you need to mod it with Happ stuff. $20 and a trip to RadioShack would get you everything you need.

i know that its just that i dont have the time and money to buy that stuff i would rather have it already done for me il try that other guy

Stick has been sold to WiggleSuper.

PDA is still on sale and I need to get it sold. This thing is pretty nice but I need money more than I need this since my cell can do all the same stuff.

PM sent on the PDA, please give me your paypal info and I can pay for it asap.

PDA has been sold to Sp00ky