FS: Street Fighter Anniversary Edition Arcade Stick $75 + Shpping

Features: :rock:

-Commemorative Street Fighter Arcade Stick. (PS2 & XBOX)
-Comes in orginal packaging.
-Arcade cabinet quality components.
-Sturdy arcade stick housing.
-Plexiglass top.
-Compatible with Xbox Live ?.
-Rarely Used. (Only Used Once) :woot:
-Comes with the Full Sized 15th Anniversary Street Fighter Poster and Udon Street Fighter Comic Book.

Description: :karate:

** From Capcom USA* The fifteenth anniversary of Capcom?s Street Fighter and its dominance of the world of 2D fighting games would not be complete without the commemorative Street Fighter Competition Arcade Stick. These limited edition arcade sticks are made of arcade cabinet quality components which are placed in an ultra robust housing. Featuring a true arcade style button layout and feel with the specially designed convex buttons, there is no better way to bring back the nostalgia of playing Street Fighter. **


This stick has been rarely and gently used. I only played with it once for a few matches, I had not used it in about 2-3 years but it was stored in the box. I tested it the other day and it worked great!

Cost and shiping::nunchuck:

75+ 25 (USPS Priority mail, Insurnace, & Tracking) = 100$

PM me with questions.

** I orginally sold it on ebay for $100. But the guy backed out last second. I have a second change offer going out to other bidders. So we’ll see what happens! First to reply will get it.

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im interested in buying your stick but i shipped a stick the same size earlier this year for 15 bucks. is the 25 shipping UPS ground?

shipping costs have skyrocktetd dude… i shipped a movie a few weeks ago… normally, they costed me $2.49… it costed me $6 to ship this time… wtf.

It is yours if you PM me and submit payment to paypal.

As far as shipping goes.

My time + big irregular shapped box + heavy controller+ even bigger shipping box + packing materials + tracking + Insurance + priority postage postage = 25$

If you are willing to take first class mail i’ll do it for $15 making the total 90$.

First CLass = 5-7 Shipping Days
USPS priority = 3-4 shipping Days


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