Fs: Street fighter figures [sota/minimates/jazwares]

m selling my figures off, maybe someone will want the whole lot:
Sodom round 1
Ryu round 1
Ken- yellow variant
T hawk

Ken- cvs2
Kyo- cvs2
Demitri and morrigan - mini mates
Chun li and Bison- mini mates
Ryu and Akuma- mini mates
Gouken -sdcc con
Spirit of gouken

All are all BNIB

Edit: as per rules ill name the price of 250 USD. for individual figures etc pm me.

Id take a sanwa stick

Total for everything shipped?

Also put partial prices?

I honestly don’t know what they’re worth so would hate to name a price, pm me an offer if you want, as for postage im in the UK so like i said without checking into it i can’t really say for definite how much your looking at…
anyone want to give me a ballpark offer/

edit:Id trade for a stick

Sorry to do this to you but prices are required per forum rules.