FS: Street Fighter III:3rd Strike JAMMA USA set

SOLD to shinshoryuken

thanks for the interest

You said you changed the battery? How did you do that without “Tampering” and making the cartage useless? I don’t mean to sound dumb or accuse you of anything, but I recently purchased a full cps3 system with 3rd strike and the guy and cut off the back plastic around the battery and said it needed to be replaced. I bought a new battery and put it in and it still didn’t boot up. It’s not the system because I also got Jojo’s Venture with it and that booted up fine. And also, if you can’t answer that question, I was wondering If I could purchase just the cartage from you? I would be willing to pay a decent amount for it because I know it would be worth more as a bundle. So to reiterate, I was curious of how you went about replacing the battery, if what happened to my cartage was permanent, and would you be willing to sell me the cartage only. I would also be willing to purchase with CD as well, and the Marquee if you have that, but I am not in need of the CPS3 system itself.

Thank You.

If you know what you are doing and you properly changed the the suicide battery, then it will not damage the cartridge. Most likely what happened is that you did not install the battery properly and damaged it in the process. You have to change the battery so the suicide battery does not kill the cartridge. I know there are some people who are willing to do it for a small fee.

check the thread you made. i’m pretty sure he won’t sell it without the cart. please google cps3 battery replacement.

LOL… sorry but the kit without the cart is worth umm $1.00 and the carts value is $399.00:wink:

you should go somewhere else and stop accusing ppl of doing dumb stupid shit you do… **knock on wood. lmao. JK.

*ehem. i hope i never have to replace that fucking battery. that would FuQ’n SUQ!

OK, I’m calling bullshit, this must be a joke account.

No bullshit, sorry to have upset everyone though. Annnnnnnyway, thanks for repeatedly letting me know what I did wrong everyone, lol.

i’m interested in the kit… but i bought a damn car… gluck with the sell


Hello people,

You do not need to tamper with the cartridge housing. You need a security torx head to open the cartridge.

The battery was professionally done by billd420 who has done many CPS3 battery swaps. The best way to change the battery yourself is to do it with the machine on. Obviously helps if you have a Super gun where you can do it on a table or workstation. The helper battery method on the other hand can have a connection slip. Capcom Japan can revive a Japanese cartridge if you have an operator contact in Japan.

And yeah, I cannot sell the set without the security cartridge.

Haha, if you get it, I must play on it!