FS: Street Fighter Kid Robots


Hey all,
Up for sale is 8 complete Street Fighter Kid Robots. The lot includes 2 white Ryu’s, 1 Grey Ryu, 1 Red Ken, 1 blue and 1 green Guile, 1 blue Dhalsim and 1 Sagat. Each Robot is complete with the sticker on card and original box. Any wear the boxes have is just from being opened. Everything overall is in great condition. I am looking for $70 Shipped OBO. I will consider reasonable trade offers from reputable members. I prefer Paypal and if you have any questions please PM me.
Thank you.


u got the bison one?


This isn’t complete. You’re missing the two Blankas, the two Hondas, one of the Dhalsims, the Vega, one of the Kens, the two Zangiefs, the Blarog, and M. Bison.


I changed your thread title because of how misleading it was.