FS: Super Famicom Hori Fighting Stick

Hey folks. I just dropped $400 on a new monitor for a cab, so I could really use a little bounce back. I have this joystick here. Oldschool and hard to come by, like all good things. This is the only one I’ve ever seen for sale, so I’m not sure how to price it exactly I paid something around $80 on ebay for it about a year ago. I’m thinking $60 shipped in the USA would be fair, if you have something else in mind though, let me know. I would really prefer to keep this a domestic sale due to shipping costs. I can ship on Saturdays. These pictures are kinda old and from my HD, but its been in my closet since they were taken. I’ve lost my camera, so I can’t take new pics, but I can describe it in detail if needed.



$60 shipped in the USA


bump. lowered the price a little. open to offers and trades.

What are you looking for in regards to trades?