FS: Super smash brothers brawl

Ok, so my xbox 360 died on me and i can’t send it to microsoft because it’s firmware hacked. I’m willing to rip it apart and sell parts for it if necessary. (faceplates, powerbrick etc.) K, so let’s move on.

HORI EX2 - $45 shipped. SOLD!
This is in perfect condition. I only used it for a few weeks while playing soul calibur 4 and ssf2t. Buttons work perfect, no sticking or anything, but i have no use for it anymore. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v382/EndlessImpulse/IMG_1672.jpg

Wireless XBOX360 Controls(pink/white) - $25 each shipped BOTH ARE SOLD!
Both these controllers work perfectly fine, sad to let them go.

SSBB - $30 shipped
Another item in perfect condition, just not enjoyable anymore, but a good game none the less.

Xbox360 20 gb harddrive - make an offer sold
It has super puzzle fighter, sf2t hd remix, and Commando 3 purchased from the arcade store.

Broken 360 - $30 sold
It was opened so you can’t send it back to microsoft but the cd drive works perfectly and has a a hacked firmware so you could play homebrew.

Complete skateboard decks - pm for pics, prices, and info. I’ll also rip out parts if necessary.

oops didnt notice xbox was broken =[

pmed you. interested in power brick, sticks, and possibly hard drive.

get back to me.

That’s weird. I never received a pm after the first one you sent me.

Blah…added some stuff!

pmed again. hopefully we can seal a sale today :slight_smile:

Lowered the price of ssbb. Seriously, it’s not that bad of a game.

Bump! I seriously need the money before 12 am so i can pay to take my SAT’s. HELP ME OUTT!

sell me more 360s :slight_smile: