FS/T : 120 Gallon Fishtank Complete! Cranford, NJ

The 120 gallon fish tank comes with everything you need to get started, it comes with 2 aquaclear 70 gal aqua clear filters, a heater, lots of rocks & gravel including some nice pieces of slate, the hood with the lights, a custom built wood stand bubble machine with under gravel attachment, a cleaning brush and fish net if you want it. The dimensions of the 120 gallon fishtank are 24" x 24" x 48" The tank has never given me any problems and has always been filled, it is actually filled with water right now and the aqua clear filters are running. No leaks and it’s in great shape.

Asking price is $350 but i would also consider trading for an iPad.

Contact me at Evilpaco@msn.com




Man thats huge and u said u made it? wow!

I made the stand, the fishtank was purchased at a pet store. It’s a nice piece but I need the room. I would consider trading this for a PS3 slim or an LCD TV also.

ha, this is a fist. Never seen someone try to sell/trade something like this. :lol: Good luck though.

I hope it goes well too!

That’s really awesome. Where is it located?

Cranford NJ