FS/T: Dreamcast Agetec Green Goblin

$50 Plus Shipping (Paypal Please) or

I am willing to trade for:

OBSN-30 (6)
OBSN-24 (2)
Octogonal Restrictor
2 Button Plugs

Sorry it took a while for the pictures but here they are :smokin:

how much shipped to mexico???

ZIP CODE is 77400

how used is it?

if new or mint then nvm

lol you may want to give up details… like condition, and pics.

Okay I will post a decrption when I get home. Will have to borrow a camera for pictures though.

Why not if it was new or mint? Isn’t it better if it was new or mint?

well i just mean the buttons and stick if they are worn out

as long as the case is intact and the pcb works i might take it

ill wait for pics before deciding

Must have green goblin…

Yeah this is stick was hardly used and the condition is A+ its just REALLY dusty from not getting any use. I take care of my PS2 games like there made out of egg shells so that should give you an idea of the condition. I will try to get a camera to later today.

BUMP for the pictures

someone grab this stuff off this man. nice stick.

is the price OBO D:?

Sorry I need money to get money for a sanwa setup but I am willing to trade for all this =D

OBSN-30 (6)
OBSN-24 (2)
Octogonal Restrictor
2 Button Plugs

well look if no one is goin to buy this off you…i swear i will buy this right now.

Sure no one said they wanted it yet if you want it its yours. PM me and I’ll send you the e-mail you need to paypal the cash to. I’ll still have to figure out what the shipping is to Maryland though.


hey i can trade for what you want,
but seimitsu

LS32 x1
PS 14 G (pink) x6
and 2 24mm (blue) x2

i have more, pm me if youre interested

Sorry looking for sanwa and its still up for sale actually Orochi Backed out to buy someone elses stick =(

i was holding off on buying this cuz i was watching one on ebay but i was outbid

id like it please :3

I would be greedy and just buy doth but i gotta make sure i dont win this dreamcast set on ebay…which would suck since i just brought a dreamcast already. lol

are you watching set of 2?

i was the highest bidder until it ended like $2 higher than my bid


nah if you check…i use the user name seven54k so i was one of the first to bid…then i gave up cause i saw a dreamcast and an agetec stick with a few games. If no one bid in fives hours im stuck payin like 60-70 for it. :crybaby:

Im actually gettin very skeptical bout buying packages for a while, cause the post office havent delived my cotrol panel layout i needed to cover my t5 sticks.