FS/T Huge list: Games, $5 DVDs, Hyori, BoA, Eugene, Unee, HDTV vids, FREE GIFTS!

FS/T Huge list: Games, $5 DVDs, Hyori, BoA, Eugene, Unee High Def vids, FREE GIFTS!

Reasonable offers may be accepted.

I’ll take the GT4, how much for shipping?

bourne identity
bourne supremacy
mean girls
last samurai
40 yr old virgin
gladiator 2 disc signature selection

for 35 shipped

Shipping is included in the price. Sent you a PM with payment details.

Waterboy is sold and someone else PM’ed me about some of those movies, but hasn’t replied back yet. If I don’t hear from them tomorrow, i’ll PM you.

Casino Royale 2 disc Special Edition SEALED has been added and deleted items that were sold.

check paypal

I will now accept certain games and DVD’s for trade. Just PM or list what you got and what the condition is.

Lowered prices of some DVD’s.

hey are you selling that norton thing by its self ?

I don’t know about buying but, the girl in your avatar looks like my girlfriend

i like to kiss those sweet cheeks of your girlfriend.

Sent you a PM.

Got my order a few days ago, the game was mint! Thanks a lot. By the way, those Criterion Collection DVDs are a steal. Criterion is not cheap in the least.

You’re welcome. Please leave me feedback in the User Feedback section. Here’s the link http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=109818

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Children of Men (sealed) has been added.

Children of Men is sold.

Added some more stuff and deals on the $5, $6, and $8 titles.


Added a lot of stuff.