FS/T: Magic Box Converter, Seimitsu Buttons, Custom Stick Case, etc

All Sold Thank You!

if you had a sanwa joystick i would have definetly bought one sine you live so close to me!!!

magic box

I am interested in the magic box,
can I ask what you were trying to use it for?

I want to use a saturn pad on xbox, and I want to be able to chain adapt the magic box to a ps2, therefore using a saturn pad on a ps2 and xbox.

have you tried doing any of this? does it work, is there button lag for re-adapting so much?

thanks for any info!

I got a p360 dreamcast stick I could part with. Madcatz pcb, black red octane box (the ones with NO plexi, which look 10x better), all black competition buttons. There’s a four page VMU in in, and another black competition button on the side that switches between pages. Let me know if you’re interested, otherwise PM your paypal and I’ll buy the magicbox flat at.

I was trying to use it on a really random DC stick a friend gave to me. No idea where the PCB was from. I tested it with first party DC pads and it works fine it just didn’t like that particular PCB.

Toodles, sent PM.

was about to ask you the same thing, the magic box worked perfectly for all my sticks=/. sorry it didn’t work out

No worries man, it wasn’t anything wrong with the magic box, it was just the pcb being extra random.

Special today, I’ll do the Seimitsu buttons and the balltop for $20 OBO shipped.

magic box sold? if not illl pick it up for 35 shipped

Working on some trades involving it, if it’s still available, I’ll let you know.

Id love to take that stick off your hands, but i dont agree with that shape of that case for american parts. :sweat:


I have payment ready for the buttons and ball top deal ready right now. Can send payment immeadiately.

Is the Magic Box sold yet? If DJ Matrix doesn’t want it or pay, then I’ll take it. I’ve been looking for one of them for ages! I have 22 new saturn pads here and I would love to use them on my xbox.

man i still want it man… but im waiting for a response from paper tiger… has the deal been done cuz if not ill paypal you today… you know im good for it to.

Trade’s already gone through guys, sorry. :slight_smile:

Sorry guys, it was traded.

Also I just sent the extra, thanks again Toodles.

np, let me know when you get the stick.