FS/T: MvC TE (360) | W: $120 shipped or R1 TE (360)


Hey guys, I’m looking to trade or sell my MvC TE. I’ve used it about maybe 5 hours total, so it’s in excellent condition. The box is beat up though; it was sitting in GameStop for a LONG TIME (I bought it in March 2011). I’m looking to get either $120 shipped or to do a straight trade for a Round 1 TE (360). If you want to trade, I want a TE that is in the same condition as my MVC3 TE.

If you buy, payment is through Amazon Payments (preferred) or PayPal.

I had 4 feedback here before hand, and I also have eBay and CheapAssGamer feedback you can check.





stick still available?

It’s on hold, and another person is ahead of you. But I’ll keep you updated if you’re interested.