FS/T: MvC3 on PS3 + extra characters $50 OBO

Original game, not the SE. My player licensce says “15 hrs offline and 8 online”, so 23 hours of gameplay. Non smoking house.


To get Jill and Shuma, you’ll have to trust me on this. Get the game, add me on PSN. Message me with the code that I give you with the disc. I’ll send you a temporary password for my account that you can then download Jill and Shuma.

Thanks for looking.

If you want to trade, I’m open for things… just let me know what’s up and I’ll let you know if that’s fair. I’d trade for BluRays, other PS3 games, or an empty shell for my stick that I can put 6 buttons on top and at least 3 buttons on the side for Start/Select/Home.

you should edit the title. i thought you were selling it for 500 @_@

Done. Thanks for the heads up.

Don’t believe game sharing works for this game. Tried it with my own accounts with 2 ps3’s in my house. It says the Downloadable Content is not valid for this user.

So selling the game with characters won’t work.

Yeah it does.

So I sell it to Bob…

this is what Bob does…

makes new user and links it to my PSN account.
downloads the content.
logs out of the new user account and back into theirs.
starts up and the content is there.

You can do this legit up to five times. Sony allows it so if your PS3 crashes, you can back up.

How to SHARE PSN Games. Read me first! - PS3Hax Network - Playstation 3 Hacks and Mods

What Blu Rays are u looking for

Game Sharing is against the TOS.

In particular? Martial arts flicks (CTHD, Hero, etc.), Marvel comics movies (Ironman, Spiderman, X-Men), Batman Beyond, Dark Knight, Inception.

Also, PS3 games, I’m looking for God of War 1+2 and 3.

Tyrsis - I’m not sharing anything. I’m giving my DLC away with the purchase, as I have no use for it. Sony ALLOWS 5 activations of a single product within the purchase price. I’m allowing somebody to download my DLC and deactivating mine.

I have Kung Fu Panda/Dark Knight/Wall E

It’s allowed so you can use your account on another PS3. So **YOU **can use **YOUR **account. It’s against the Terms of Service, no matter how you think you’re wording it.

Nevermind, no one cares.

Sold to Wolverine-Master