FS/T: NIB hrap 3 w/ seimitsus +games

HRAP 3 new in box, seimitsu snap ins in your choice of 3-6 button layout with hole plugs for unused buttons ON EBAY

Complete list of cheap games for sale / trade including DoA2hc, VF 10th anniv. etc:

Playstation 2

* Mushihimesama ntsc-j import 55 for original edition, 70 for limited edition.  both complete & excellent.
* Jade Cocoon 2 15
* Stretch Panic aka Hippa Linda (Treasure) 10
* Virtua Fighter 10th anniversary, new sealed import 10
* DOA2 HC , very light scratch near edge 10
* Sharkport save transfer system complete in box 10
* Metal Gear Solid 2 non-greatest hits 5
* Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 5
* Grand Theft Auto III, non-gh 5
* Devil May Cry, non-gh 5 

Playstation / PSX

* Fear Effect , as new 5
* Final Fantasy VIII ,greatest hits, half inch crack on back of case, otherwise as new inc manual + mini walkthrough 10
* Jade Cocoon , non-original case, used sticker, original manual, light buffing / scratches over whole surface of disc (tested working) 7


* skies of arcadia , light scratch on disc 1, hinge for 2cd insert broken, used sticker on case 20
* shenmue , open but as new (inc manual, passport, reg card). 15
* space channel 5 , used sticker on case 5 

GC / wii

* zelda windwaker + OOT bonus disc , used sticker on case of WW, original case not reprint 30 

Sega CD

* Silpheed , light scratch on disc, case intact, used sticker 5


* Zelda oracle of ages complete w box 15

Wanted / Trades:

Any shmup pcbs

odin sphere

SS Tenka

Is Stretch Panic complete?

Yep - unless otherwise noted all the games have original case and manual.

Dropped price on HRAP, added Ibara to games for sale list

I’d be willing to take GGX off of your hands. I was looking for a copy of it a while back and found it in an EBgames without the origional box for $35. Thats just too over priced to me for a used game.

But at $15(is that including shipping?) with the box and manuel I think it would be worth it. Being that I dont have any GG games it would be enough to hold me over until GG:AC comes to the US.

Hey, could I see a picture of that joystick with your xbox package?

I also want spacechannel 5 if that’s 5 shipped and could I get a price on JUST OOT for GC?

Chaosdragon, I guarantee you my ggx is in better shape than crap you’d find at ebgames :wink:

Shipping included if you’re buying multiple items, otherwise $3 for a single game (in us, first class in pad. envelope)

Chippermonkey, i’ll try and get pics of the stick up tonight. Make me an offer on OOT.

Sounds good. So how/where do you want me to send the payment? You could either post it here or just PM me.

Chaosdragon13, you got PM.

Anybody else who wants to buy something, just PM me for my paypal addr / physical addr for money order.

chippermonky, pics of the stick and details on it are up at my page.

I’ll offer you 15 on OOT, so 20 for that and space channel. i’ll pass on the xbox deal.

Make it $25 shipped for OOT + space channel and you’ve got a deal . . .

Got my game today. This thing is pretty much in perfect condition, I am very pleased. Thanks a bunch.

No problem, told ya the games were in good shape :wink:

Mario sunshine on hold . . .

I’m open to trade offers on this HRAP, gotta move it out of here!

Added PS3 pcb for joystick builders.

I’ll take the PCB.

PCB sold + shipped

youre not allowed to have modded systems

get that off before someone releases their angry mod wrath

Wasn’t intending to advertise a modded system here, just trying to point out fighting game related items on my personal fs list without copying the whole thing in here.

Edited first post to remove link + replaced it with the (edited) list, hope that’s an OK solution.

Pcb received. Thanks.