FS/T: Nintendo DS & FPS PC games

** Nintendo DS is again SOLD**
I am looking to either sell or trade my Nintendo DS. This DS is in Very Good condition with nothing but very very few minor scratches. This DS also is coming with Mario Kart DS, one of the top selling games currently for the DS.


Unfortunately, this DS has a missing charger (~ $13.00 value at Gamestop) and a missing stylus (~ $7.99 at GameStop) although i may be able to find my charger for this DS it is unlikely.

I am selling this Almost new Nintendo DS for $55.00 paypal only please

I am also willing to trade for this offer. Here is a list of things i will trade for

  • Tekken 5 real arcade pro stick
  • any Hori stick for ps2 or ps3
  • Ps2 US street fighter anniversary
  • ps3 US resistence: Fall of Man
  • sega dreamcast
  • PS2 marvel vs capcom II
  • ps3 wireless SIXAXIS controller

Lookin for some PC FPS games? I’m selling my whole binder collection + steam account very cheap.

steam account games: Half life 2, half life 2 deathmatch, counterstrike 1.6 & source

other games i have ( please factor in shipping), original casing not guaranteed, serial numbers guaranteed however

Halo PC $6.00
Unreal anthology (5 different unreal games on one disk) $9.00
gta:San andreas PC $9.00
battlefeild vietnam $2.00
battlefeild 1942 $2.00
medal of honor pacific assult $2.00
medal of honor allied assult $5.00
call of duty united offensive expansion pack $5.00
call of duty 2 $10.00
quake $2.00
quake 2 $2.00
quake 3 arena $2.00
quake 4 $7.00
max payne $2.00

PM me or just reply for offers, US residents & paypal only please

Pictures of these games will be up soon.

how much do you want for the call of duty expansion
as well as the quake 4
also is it complete ?

id trade in a heart beat if it was a ds lite :confused:

i have half of those things

yup quake 4 complete. $5.00 for CoD expansion and $7.00 for q4. and yes it is complete if you mean coming with all 4 disks and the case/booklet.

the truth.

ahh well. i just had a lite but i sold it ro gamestop (big mistake, they only give like $40) this DS works very well not ad good as a lite but thats why my offer is cheap

I have an unopened copy of resistance fall of man for PS3.

You good for strait trade? PM sent.

ok deal man. PM sent!

Hey how much is that unreal game thing


-FPS games all now with prices.

-Nintendo DS is still up for sell or trade. the guy isnt answering his PMs or making any effort to contact.

Willing to trade my copy of PS2 SFAC for the DS. Disk only with small scratches. Ready to ship tomorrow.

Well sucks to be me, it looks like I sent that game for no reason