FS/T: Sold/Hold - Can be locked


Xbox 360 modded Hori VX. All OSBC buttons, white with a white battop (will include a balltop as well) and octo gate (Will include a square gate as well. (This is NOT an HRAP)

It’s mostly been used by me as a PC stick on GGPO, but I prefer my HRAP 1 for that now.
$75 shipped - On hold for LBC

[S]Guile Kidrobot figure - $5 shipped - I can’t find the box.[/S]


interested in the hori, pix plz?


What color is the Guile kidrobot? If it’s the blue one I’ll take it.



pix on that hori?


Yeah, pics of that hori would be nice :slight_smile:


Totally forgot about this… I don’t log in here much.

I’ll get pics up when I get home from vacation - tomorrow evening. Sorry folks… Oops

Guile’s green.