FS: T5 Case and Seimitsu Buttons and Balltops

Need to get rid of this today, so Paypal payment is required. This is a T5 Case that was painted red along with the metal top that had the sticker removed along with all the adhesive. It’s admittedly not the best paint job ever but it’s not horrible either. The top is smooth and ready for your art or to be painted again. I just never got around to finishing this and I want to clear it out.

Includes …

T5 Case
Metal Top
Metal Bottom
Original Box
All Hardware (screws,bolts, etc)
8 Brand new Seimitsu PS-14-G buttons (Black rim, white center)
Orange Sanwa Balltop
Blue Sanwa Balltop
Hori T5 Balltop

$70 Shipped via UPS Ground OBO

All offers considered!

Ask any questions, thanks!

All this needs is electronics and stuff?

PCB and a stick, yes.

bump lowered price