FS: T5 PS2 Stick Modded /w Box & Parts, Norris DIY Rounded Primed


Baby is on the way so it’s gotta go!

I have a T5 PS2 stick that I bought brand new and modded (carefully dremeled the tabs off, etc.). I had recently gutted it as I thought about doing a 360 mod. Irony is I never got around to using the stick at all so it is in excellent condition.

What’s left:

T5 PS2 Stick
Original Box & sealed “collectors box” for storing the games.
Sanwa Joystick /w red ball top.
There’s a Sanwa/joystick PCB that’s probably toast from my awful soldering job, but you can have it if you want.
Oct gate.
All the screws, nuts, bolts, etc.

Asking $60 shipped (from other threads it looks like it costs about $20 to ship this thing!).

I also have a Norris DIY Rounded stick that I bought last year, immediately primed with a few coats and sanded the body down pretty well, it’s probably good to go for the color coats. I’m only asking for what I paid + my time and some materials, so $90 shipped seems fair (I originally paid $10 for shipping). I have every little accessory included. (Sorry, I think my wife threw out the original USPS box, I’ll have to get a fresh one!). SOLD

I only deal with PayPal and I have 249, 100% feedback on Ebay if you need a reference. This is my first selling post on here so hopefully I followed all the rules. :slight_smile:


interested in the Norris. got any pics?




To the user that PM’d me, your inbox is full.

Here is the answer to your question:

It has everything that was originally included. The panels (top and bottom) are acrylic (clear) and still have the protective film on them.


payment sent


Norris stick is sold!


Dropped the T5 stick by $20 for a quick sale.


im interested in the T5 stick but got a question. Is this just the case or does it come with stick & buttons? Does it still have the PS2 PCB? The pic you provided just shows a blank T5 case…Thanks


It’s basically just the case, but I left a few “leftovers” from when I gutted it. Those leftovers include a stick (with a sanwa PCB that may or may not work at this point) and and an OCT gate. I don’t have the PS2 PCB anymore. You’re basically getting a case that has been modded, which was a huge PITA by the way to dremel all those tabs out of the holes. :slight_smile: If I could go back in time I’d have just spent the extra $ on a HRAP.