FS: Taito Egret II cabinet with Street Fighter board (Atlanta Georgia)


I’m selling my Taito Egret II cabinet. I bought this from Matsu (http://jpdeal.com/cabinet.html) out of California about a year ago.

Everything works and the screen is very bright and clear. (I think because of the flash I used to take the photograph it doesn’t look very bright, but it is.)

I’ll include a Super Street Fighter II X board. For those that don’t know - this is the Japanese equivalent to Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. It’s actually more fun to play than the American board because the CPU difficulty isn’t too hard, although it doesn’t have freeplay.

I bought it for around $1,500 (if I remember correctly) and I’m asking $850.

I’m in Atlanta Georgia and my preference is to have you show up my house to pick it up, but if you want it shipped then you will need to arrange to have a shipping company come here, wrap it, and take it. I’ll only permit it to ship after the funds have cleared in my account.

PM me if you’re interested.


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Are those seimitsu buttons?

I honestly don’t know, but they probably are because the stick doesn’t feel exactly like a JLF so I’m presuming that the sticks and buttons are all Seimitsu.

The ball tops on the sticks are a little loose - I should have mentioned that in my original posting. I usually just tighten them down a half turn or so every five to ten games.

I figure that whoever is going to buy this cab will probably choose to replace the sticks and buttons to reflect their personal preference in any case, and that the sicks and buttons are not a major cost driver when the entire setup is considered.

Hope that helps,

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One last thing: I have two keys for the coin door, etc.

I’ll give you $650 without the SF board…I’m in Nashville and can pick it up…PM if you want to discuss

PM sent.

I’m dropping the price to $700 and I’ll include two CPSII boards: the street fighter board I mentioned in my original post and Vampire Savior - The Lord of Vampire. If you’re going to be in town for the Final Round tournament - you could pick this up then!

Taken off the market. I will continue to discuss via PM however.

somebody needs to buy this, Egret II are like the best candy cab ever, plus he is including a SSF2x only that cps2 cost around $150-200 USD. so, youll be getting the egret II for like $550. good luck man.

1 sexy cab right there wish that was in the tri state area