FS -Tekken 5 stick (US-unmodded), 2x joybox ps2-xbox converter, ps1 dualshock


asking 60 shipped for the tekken 5 stick, it still ship in the original box.

asking 20 shipped for the (2) joybox ps2-xbox controller converters+(1)ps1 dual shock, (the joybox does NOT work with the tekken 5 stick, but does work perfectly with the ps1 dual shock and ps1 dualshock based sticks.




iill take the converters

edit can i just buy one?


selling one doesn’t really make it worth it, since i’ll be paying 5+bucks to ship it.


I have Paypal payment ready. PM sent.


go for it mikei i dont need em THAT much


reply sent!


converters are sold!


t5 stick still for sale, price drop to 50 shipped


to the top


t5 stick sold!