FS - Tekken 6 Bundle XBox 360, Wireless Headphones


Tekken 6 Bundle for XBox 360

Brand new bundle, comes with game, stick, art book. $60 shipped obo.

Sennheiser RS120 Wireless Headphones

Used for about 10 minutes. Could pass as brand new. $60 shipped obo.

More info here: http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-RS120-Wireless-Headphones-Charging/dp/B0001FTVEK


shipping included?


Yes shipping included for everything as long as it is continental US.






ur inbox is full


Inbox full. I want the HRAP if not already sold.


I got dibs on that hrap n fightpad just waiting on his paypal


man, can’t catch any good deals on here without checking it 24/7.


Clear your inbox soarer


trying to pm about SDCC. Can you hold it till tomorrow for me?


Sorry just cleared out the Inbox. I can hold the SDCC for you.


i’ll take the SDCC stick if fader backs out.




Sounds like PM box is full but I’ll take the 360 Ken fightpad


I’ll try to have pics up by tomorrow. I won’t be able to ship out until the weekend anyway. My Flickr account magically disappeared and I had photos of the stuff on there already.


TE stick and Sanwa buttons sold.


HRAP and Ken pad sold. Prices lowered on the remaining items.


does that headset have noise canceling?


They don’t have canceling, but they are cans, so they eliminate most sound. They are really good, and just play with the channels, etc if you get interference. I have the RS140, which is a step above, but should be comparable. I really like mine for general use. I wouldn’t be super audiophile with them, (you can’t be, under $300 anyhow) but they sound great, and you can sync a couple, battery lasts long time, etc. I am uber picky, and I been satisfied with the 140’s, I can’t imagine the 120’s being to different, but good luck :).