FS:tkn stix,lunar sss,ect

ok got some stuff takin up space so heres a forsale thread… im open to negotiation on some items but i think most prices will be fair enough. have a trade let me know what you want and maybe we can work something out.

1 - SFAC stick modded with NEW happ parts by me.

6 - NEW tekken 5 stix in box… no games. some no collector box thingy.
$55 shipped


1 - NEW tekken 5 with strat guide and collector box with tekken 3 and tag in it.
$27 shipped


1 - MINTY Naruto GNT 4 with freeloader and memcard with full saves

1 - MINTY Shin Megami Tensei:Nocturne with Strat Guide played once.

1 - GGXX #R Korean. Disc is in mint condition but the metal tin has seen better days… i bought it like this on here and it didnt come with the soundtrack. but i will include a nice looking burned soundtrack from my complete copy with it. game is a nice addition to a collection since this one is hard to find.
$30 shipped


1- SFA3 DC with official brady strat guide(not in pix but i have it)
$25 shipped


1 - MINTY Castlevania SOTN (this is the non GH disc… but in the GH case…)

1 - Lunar SSS (everything is complete and mint but the outer box is shelfworn a bit. also comes with the prima stratguide not pictured)

1 - Zelda twilight princess guide new.
$10 shipped.


1 - XGA video adapter (play game consoles on VGA monitors with svideo or rca played mvc2 back in the day on svideo on a crt when i had no tv and it played fine.)

1 - USB laptop drive enclosure… great for portable space.

1 - 4gb BLUe Ipod mini with sleeve… BRAND new battery like last month installed but i want a zune now.

2 - used 30mm blue sanwas and 1 new RG sanwa blue and ball top.
Make an offer on these


1 - Tekken stick set and buttons

2 - green agetec buttons and ball top great for a cheap mod for someone.

2 - SANWA new beatmania buttons 1black one white with the leds.

1 - NEW 320mm type r style steering wheel… red stitch. need a hub for this if you dont have one. i would keep it but im getting a different wheel for my look.

1 - Greddy Trust weighted shiftknob. gunmetal finish with white emblem… this lowers the stance from your oem shiftknob like a little over an inch for a nice shift feel and look…
$20 shipped.


just added this and some more later.

1 - Initial D street stage for PSP
$20 shipped… comes with an ENGLISH manual so you can navigate the game. and case… like new



i got plenty of vouches as a good seller and what not so buy my stuff PLEASE:cool:

also if someone could tell me how to make these as thumbnails… i dont know how.

you think u can hold that castlevania for me until the end of the week?

ill take the XGA video adapter
when can you ship out?

for you always… ill edit my post with a HOLD on it.

can ship it out tommorow if paid for today. ill pm you my paypal info.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

dude, you want paypal or MO? either way, you’ll have to wait, cuz the paypal, I need to get the money into the account. The MO, has to be mailed… the MO costs me the extra $1 to buy it and send it, and the paypal costs you the PP fee.

Which do you prefer?

damn it i wanted that SoTN


would you be willing to ship overseas?

if you are, how much would it be for both the agetec sets, the sanwa set(is $10 ok? or not enough :S ) and 2 tekken sticks and shipping to

Sunbury, Victoria 3429 Australia?

thanks :slight_smile:

That GNT4 is a good deal just because of the memory card saves. Was such a pain in the ass to get all the characters haha

I’m interested in Lunar, is there anything you’re looking for trade wise?

Its kinda funny. I have Castlevania SotN original case but GH disc. Blah.

Anyway, I’m interested in the Nocturne game + guide. If you can hold it I can probably purchase on Friday. I’m not sure if you’re willing to seperate, but I’m also interested in the Lunar guide if its the small one.

either or… im used to your money orders but i would prefer paypal… and yeah if on these items i dont think ill demand the paypal fees… but if anyone doesnt mind then please do cuz i always do it for those taht ask me to.

ive never shipped to australia before… it would have to be EMS because of the weight and security. plus i tihnk it would be alot cuz of the tekken sticks weigh alot. if your serious though id give you the blues for free if your buying all that plus shipping.

yeah its a really good price too… since it cost like 85 for all that.

you supposed to let me know what you wanna trade… and i see if i like it.

nah the lunar guide is the bigger prima one… not the official one… im keeping that with my own copy of lunar… im just selling this one for my friend. also yeah i dont think to many people will be intereseted in nocturne its rare but wierd tastes. ill hold it till friday morning then its up for grabs again…

yo, i meant to PM you this, and quote what i’m saying here, but whatever.

I had to spend the $6 you sent me on food, because I’m poor. I get paid Friday, so I’ll ship your buttons then. Sorry for the wait :frowning:

hmmm…i think i’ll only get one tekken stick then, bnut ill still pay the $10 for the sanwas, but could you please hold it for e for a week untill i get paid??

hey, chibi… you want it? take it. i gotta get new brakes.

Mixah save your money and get to evo!

You forgot the price on the Zelda guide.

Just sayin’~

Thanks Mixah, I really appreciate it!


Give me an email to paypal to Matrix :O!

sorry, but i’ll have to cancel :’(
my car’s playing up and i gotta take it to get it serviced and i dunno how much it’ll cost (im retarted when it comes to cars lol)

sorry agian ;_;

thanks sometimes i mess up when posting alot.

since john said he doesnt want it then its yours ill pm you my paypal.

no prob man. if i still have some when you want one let me know


i assume you got my payment :lovin: